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  • Darcy: ...hurry? I don't understand-
  • Inner Darcy: What the....
  • Darcy: Lizzie!
  • Inner Darcy: Lizzie!
  • Darcy: No, I'm, uh....not.
  • Inner Darcy: But you are here and my world is perfect-
  • Darcy: Yes.
  • Inner Darcy: - and I love you. I might reconsider strangling my sister---
  • Darcy: I didn't mean to surprise you.
  • Inner Darcy: Please don't despise me any more than you currently do.
  • Darcy: I'm here for a board meeting.
  • Inner Darcy: What was that? Little wonder she thinks I am a robot.
  • Darcy: I, uh, was aware. You're shadowing Pemberley. I hope you've enjoyed your stay?
  • Inner Darcy: Stay smooth. Stay classy. Calm down.
  • Darcy: Even my sister?
  • Inner Darcy: Who better have a good reason for surprising me like this. Although I cannot stay mad at her. Damn it.
  • Darcy: I'm glad.
  • Inner Darcy: Because I want my love and my sister to get along. Then my love might not hate me as much.
  • Darcy: So soon?
  • Inner Darcy: Nonononono, don't go! Don't leave me again!
  • Darcy: May I offer you a ride?
  • Inner Darcy: And my heart, and life, and everything else? Slow down, too fast....
  • Darcy: I....the hills in this city can be quite unforgiving.
  • Inner Darcy: This is my best line, please take it.
  • Darcy: Understood.
  • Inner Darcy: Damn. Still hates me.
  • Darcy: Well I should...
  • Inner Darcy: Quick exit. Best plan at this point.
  • Darcy: I'll see you around.
  • Inner Darcy: Because there's no way I'm going to be able to stop myself from avoiding you now that I've actually seen you. Especially when you might not despise me.
  • Darcy: If there's anything I can do to make your stay more comfortable.
  • Inner Darcy: Anything at all
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